Homecoming PartyMature

The first day together flew by. The next day was the surprise party I'd arranged for Idina. Idina and I went out to coffee, and while we were out, all the guests arrived.

My dad gave me a call when it was time to bring Idina back home. We walked in the door, but the guests were nowhere to be found. It was when we walked into the room that Idina and I share that the guests all yelled "Surprise!" 

The girls were received with a scream from Idina, who had not been expecting such a party. Soon, we were all a giggling bunch of mostly teenagers, chattering excitedly about how excited we all were that Idina was home. I kept pushing the story of the Prodigal Son from my mind, reminding myself that I had no right to feel envious. Idina was the courageous one who had fought many battles. I wasn't.

The End

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