Journal EntryMature

Here - I'll write it straight out of my joural.

(You should all be feeling really honored right now. I never, ever, ever, under any circumstance, let anyone read my journal, heheh).

"I used to always think the Prodigal's brother was SO INCREDIBLY SELFISH, but I realize now that he was so angry not only because he'd never been rewarded for doing the right thing and the Prodigal was being rewarded for doing the wrong thing, but also because he'd probably had to do all his brother's responsibilities and wasn't even being recognized!...The brother wasn't angry at his brother directly - he was angry at his brother's attention...He was bitter because all along, he'd been doing the right thing, but all people cared about was his brother's homecoming!"

Am I guilty of being similar to the Prodigal's so-called "selfish" brother?...Yes. Guilty as charged.

The End

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