Truth in Love, Part 5Mature

I honestly feel like I'm not doing Truth in Love justice. I feel like I'm making a mess of this story and not getting my point across well. What can I say? It was the most stressful part of the entire Family Week.

Well, anyways, the next part of the Truth in Love session was apologizing for the things we'd done wrong and asking for forgiveness. Despite the hell each member of our family had been through, this part wasn't hard. I guess we've always been willing to forgive one another. The Truth in Love session was no different.

We all ended up a blubbering, laughing mess, hugging one another and telling Idina how much we loved her, never minding the fact that other families were watching us. 

Because no matter what our family had been dragged through, we still loved one another. Very much.

The End

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