Truth in Love, Part 4Mature

My mom and dad were the first to explain how Idina's eating disorder had affected our family. I sat in my chair, trying my best not to cry. I couldn't let these people around us see my weakness again. Yesterday's art session had been enough.

But when it got to my turn, I seriously didn't get halfway through my first sentence before I began to cry. I probably used half a box of Kleenexes as I explained to Idina all the things I'd been feeling during her eating disorder. I told her how I felt rejected. I told her how I felt like she was being selfish, whether she meant to be or not. I told her how much I hated the eating disorder that had taken over our family. I said all these things in brutal honesty, but when I finished, I told Idina how much I loved her, no matter what. 

Idina smiled at me through her tears and mouthed the words, I love you. Seeing her mouth those words made it much easier to go on.

The End

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