Truth in Love, Part 3Mature

Idina told us about all the hours she'd stay up at night, exercising in bed, and the way she hid food in her chair and napkins. She told us about the self-harm that had contributed to her misery; she told us about her OCD and anxiety. Then, came the most painful part.

After explaining the different factors that had contributed to the anorexia, Idina began to explain to us what our part in the eating disorder was. Like I said, I don't want to betray any confidences, but just let me say that this part of Truth in Love was, by far, the worst. As I listened to how we had added to the pull for anorexia, I fought tears. She was telling us all these things that honestly, I couldn't remember ever doing. I'm not saying Idina was lying; I'm saying that we had no idea how much we'd been adding to the anorexia.

Now it was our turn to speak.

The End

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