God TalkingMature

Idina had been crying all throughout the delivery of her words, and I could tell just by looking that everyone was impressed by her bravery. The patients who were pro-recovery were beaming and sobbing at the same time; the patients who were anti-recovery had solemn looks on their faces, and I could tell that they were trying not to let my sister's words get to them.

One of the pro-recovery patients rushed up to Idina right after the session ended and threw her arms around her. "That was God," the pro-recovery patient sobbed. "Idina, that was God talking."

At that moment, the gravity of what had happened finally hit me. My sister, who had just six weeks ago been as anti-recovery as she could possibly be, had delivered words from the mouth of God to all who listened. Her pro-recovery friend was right when she'd said that it was God talking.

The End

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