I Do It for GodMature

"I'm so glad I can be here at Remuda! I'm so much happier now. I can eat a meal without thinking about the calories I'm consuming! I can walk without thinking about how many calories I'm burning! My eating disorder never made me happy, and if you're honest with yourself, you know that your anorexia is making you miserable, too!"

Idina made eye contact with every one of the patients. "Anorexia is false. I used to want to die from being thin, but then I realized that when I die from anorexia, it won't matter to me anymore whether I was the thinnest or not! What an unglorious way to die!"

Idina sat down hard, shaking from the passion with which she'd said her words. The counselor asked her, "How long did it take you to come to that conclusion?"

Idina gave a mirthless laugh. "A long time."

"What made you want to recover?"

"God," Idina replied with certainty. "I couldn't have ever done it for my family or my friends or myself. I do it for God."

The End

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