When Idina Showed Her ArtworkMature

Idina was the last person to present her artwork. But instead of sitting down and simply showing her artwork, she stood up and held her drawing high. 

In the drawing was a girl curled up on the floor, holding a tape measure. There were smaller drawings all around the central drawing that represented different aspects of the eating disorder, but the girl lying on the floor was the main focus of the drawing.

I'll try to capture Idina's words as closely as possible.

"My drawing is about a girl who thinks she's getting all the things she wants from anorexia, but the truth is, it leaves her defenseless. She's not really happy. She's never good enough."

And here, Idina addressed all the girls in the room. "You might say that your anorexia (all the girls in this particular family week had anorexia, not bulimia) is making you happy, but you're lying to yourself! Deep down, you know you're miserable. You know you'll never be skinny enough. It's all a lie! You say you're happy - why do you say you have to wear a 'happy mask,' then?"

The next words were literally life-changing.

The End

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