I Couldn't Save HerMature

I woke up sweating and barely able to breathe. For a moment, I lay there in bed, sobbing over the nightmare. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and went into my parents' bedroom. I remember standing by their bed, shaking like a leaf (where did that cliche come from, anyways?), and trying unsuccessfully to communicate what was going on.

I crawled into bed beside my mom and let her hug me. I was still trembling like crazy, unable to speak. At long last, I managed to choke out what was going on. "I had a dream that everyone expected me to stop Idina's eating disorder, and I couldn't, and it just kept getting worse and worse," I sobbed. 

I honestly can't remember any details about the dream, but I can certainly still remember the aftermath like it was yesterday. I remember the panic of not being able to save my sister. I remember feeling helpless and hopeless. That's all I remember.

The End

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