It Felt Like HomeMature

As we drove to our hotel - we wouldn't be seeing Idina until the next day - I laid down in the backseat and drank some Sprite my parents had bought for me. When we got to the hotel, I went straight to bed, praying so hard that I wouldn't end up with the flu, after all.

The next morning was filled with excitement. I did my hair in a very sophisticated style and put on my favorite outfit that I'd brought. We all ate breakfast together, something we don't usually do. 

When we finally got to Cherokee, the building where Idina had been staying, I jumped out of the car and raced for the door.

"HI!" I heard Idina call, and I looked around, searching for where the voice had come from. There she was, standing in the doorway, bouncing on her heels. I ran and almost tackled her. My parents were right behind me, and we were all laughing and crying and hugging like the silly maniacs I think we always have been. My bobby pins got stuck in Idina's hair, and we laughed as we tried to untangle our heads.

It felt like home.

The End

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