Last-Minute AnxietyMature

I was practically giddy with anticipation as we boarded the airplane that would take us out to Arizona. Usually, I enjoy airplane rides with every fiber of my being, but today, I just wanted to get there already! 

My dad brought his laptop, and so we played alot of games of Chinese checkers on it. I remember laughing at practically everything because I was so excited.

But right before our plane landed, I started feeling really sick to my stomach. I tried to be cheerful, but all I could think of, I really do have the stomach flu this time!

If you remember, whenever I get really anxious, I get really sick to my stomach. Whenever I get sick to my stomach, if it's really bad, I get a panic attack. Nope, this wasn't the best way to start out our trip to Arizona. As we got off the plane, I almost passed out. Panic rose within me like a tidal wave.

We got on the shuttle that would take us to the car rental place, and there were no seats empty to sit down. I kept almost passing out from my nausea. My anxiety was getting worse and worse. I hoped it wasn't a foreshadowing of how the rest of the trip would go...

The End

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