Marking the Calendar!Mature

At Remuda Ranch, there's something called "Family Week" that happens for every single patient. The patient's family goes down to Arizona to spend a week with their anorexic or bulimic relative and goes through a series of what would best be described as classes. These classes, as I'll call them for lack of a better word, are on topics that ranged from food rituals to coping skills to just about anything that had to do with eating disorders. I was thrilled beyond words! 

By this time, my anxiety had died down alot. I wasn't getting sick very often anymore, which was a tremendous relief. With Family Week to look forward to, things looked alot brighter. After six weeks, I could finally see Idina!

As we packed and planned, our family was practically giddy with excitement. I told all my friends about how excited I was to finally see Idina, and they all told me how jealous they were that I'd get to see her. Five weeks might not seem like a long time to you, but when your family member is really sick, then five weeks seems like eternity.

The End

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