A Letter a Day, a Panic Attack a NightMature

I decided to write one letter every day to Idina. So every morning, I'd get up and write Idina a card in time for the mailman to get it. I Facebook-messaged my friends and set up a system so that at least two friends would write Idina a letter for every day of the week (as in Katie and Madalyn would write on Tuesdays, Jordan and Olivia would write on Fridays - you get the idea). In addition, my family sent Idina a fax almost every night. And every day, I would post on Idina's Facebook profile a reason I loved her. To say we didn't lavish love on Idina would be a brutal lie.

It felt good to be generous to Idina. I considered it a sacrifice of love not only for my sister, but for God, too. It was the least I could do.  I determined I would be the perfect sister - the one Idina could always depend on, no matter what. No matter what the day, I was faithful with my letter-writing.

And no matter what the night, I was faithful in getting a mild panic attack.

The End

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