The First Phone CallMature

The first phone call was crazy. In a good way.

For the first three days after we left Arizona, Idina couldn't call us. It was a Tuesday evening when Idina called. She was allowed 15 minutes to talk to us.

We all gathered around the phone, excited beyond words. After we'd finished with our "hello"s and "I miss you"s and "how are you doing"s, Idina began to tell us about the ranch.

"I really like the chaplain here. I got my spiritual life back on track, and - " (at this point, I was squirming with excitement) "the people here are really nice. There's a girl named [girl's name] who I get along really well with. There's also a staff member here who really likes the sound of his own voice."

The conversation was perfect, sprinkled with a perfect amount of sarcasm and joy [goodness, I sound like I'm talking about a steak here]. At the end, my mom said, "I'm glad you can be there, Idina."

"So am I."

And at those words, I knew Idina was going to win the war.

The End

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