"Abandoning My Daughter"Mature

When we got to Sky Harbor Airport - for some reason, the name didn't seem amusing anymore - everyone was still quiet. 

I forget why exactly, but for some reason, we had to go up to the counter at the terminal - the one where you report any problems you have with your flight, tickets, passengers, etc. - to do something with our tickets. When the assistant looked at our tickets and the number of people present, he said, "Where's the fourth one?" - meaning Idina.

My dad shook his head. "We didn't get round trip tickets for her." In other words, We're leaving her in Arizona. The problem with the tickets got figured out, and we all went and sat down at our gate, waiting to board the plane.

My dad looked away and said with tears in his eyes, "I feel like I'm abandoning my daughter. I feel like a neglectful parent, leaving Idina behind."

For some reason, those words have stuck with me ever since they were spoken. I think it's because they voiced the helplessness we all felt and still often feel. Because when your family member or someone else you love is suffering - that's when you feel the most neglectful of all.

The End

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