Dirty KleenexesMature

As we got back into the rental car to drive back to Sky Harbor, I heard my parents talking outside the car.

My mom opened up the door to the backseat. "I'll sit back here with you, Cassandra," she said.

I shook my head. "Leave me alone."

"I'm happy to sit with you!"

"I want to be alone!" I said forcefully - not quite yelling, but adamant enough to convince Mom that she should sit in the front seat.

I looked over across the backseat and saw that there were dirty Kleenexes lying next to me. Realizing they had been used by Idina, I picked them up and held them. I know it sounds silly and kind of gross, but my eyes welled up with tears as I realized Idina had touched these Kleenexes only a short while ago. I jammed the tissues into my purse and curled back up again.

As we drove away, we looked back at Cherokee and waved, hoping that maybe Idina would be watching us and would wave back. She wasn't and didn't. We drove back to the airport in silence.

The End

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