The PaintingMature

"This is the room where you'll be staying. You won't be in Cherokee for long. You'll only be here while the original facility, Mariposa, is being remodeled," said one of the nurses, who had taken over giving us a tour of Cherokee.

The room was tiny. There were four beds and two cabinets - one half cabinet for every girl. Then, the nurse led us into the place where the girls would do their laundry. "You'll be expected to do your own laundry." She sighed. "Some of the girls who come don't even know how to do it." She showed us the bathroom. "You'll have fifteen minutes every day to do your hair and make-up," she said. 

I wondered how Idina would get her hair and make-up done within fifteen minutes when it took Idina at least a half hour to do her make-up alone.

As we walked back out into the main room, the nurse pointed out a painting that was hanging on the wall. "A dad of one of the patients sent that to us. He was so happy that we were able to make his little girl well again."

I took note of that painting. To me, it represented a glimmer of hope. That maybe Idina would get well someday, too, just like the little girl of the man who had made the painting.

The End

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