Sky HarborMature

Soon enough, we were on the airplane headed out to Arizona. I remember I liked the name of the airport in Arizona - Sky Harbor Airport. I said I liked it probably about five times because it was the only pleasant thing I could think of to say.

On the airplane out to Sky Harbor, Idina and I listened to my iPod. We listened to all the songs that were our favorites at the time - "Light Up the Sky" by The Afters, "Live Like We're Alive" by Nevertheless, "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks, "Take a Bow" by Leona Lewis, and basically all the Fireflight songs out there. We decided that "Forever" by Fireflight would be our theme song, and whenever we missed one another, we'd think of that song. I still listen to that song for old times' sake.

It was all so surreal as I sat in that airplane. Were we really taking my sister to Arizona? Would she really stay there for 60 days? And most of all, how could it be that my sweet, dear Idina had anorexia in the first place?

Idina slept most of the way to Sky Harbor. It was the first time in a long time that I'd seen her peaceful. I didn't wake her up. I just watched her.

The End

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