Welcome Anxiety to the Stage!Mature

Needless to say, the hospital program wasn't working. Idina was only getting sicker and sicker. We had to try another route.

Around the time my parents began checking out 24-hour facilities for eating disorders, I got the stomach flu. 

Now, if you know me really well, you know that my #1 fear, above anything else, is throwing up. I will seriously hyperventilate and even start crying (which is saying A-L-O-T for me) if I hear that someone in the same building as me has the stomach flu. I cannot possibly overemphasize how much I hate throwing up.

So as this stomach flu came upon me, and as my family was figuring out what to do with Idina, I slowly began to develop anxiety. Terrible anxiety. Panic attacks like I haven't even known existed. It was awful - still is, because to this day I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. 

But it gets worse.

The End

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