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You know people sometimes say that a certain period of time in their life was "all a blur"? Well, I can honestly say the next couple months after we found out about Idina's eating disorder were the biggest blur of my entire life. I can't recall many of the events from that period of time. It was all one big mess.

We thought Idina was doing well. I mean, she ate okay - and at that point, we didn't know enough about anorexia (and all other eating disorders, for that matter) to understand that it wasn't just the food - it was also her mind. So when she ate her meals without resisting, we thought she was doing well. We didn't know about all the other battles raging in her mind.

I guess she eventually stopped eating again, because before long, she was losing weight. I've decided that I won't share how much she weighed or how skinny she got (I don't want to trigger anyone who struggles with their weight), but let's just say she got really, really unhealthy. She was practically nonexistent - not only in body, but in mind, too. Definitely not the sister I used to know.

And then, it happened.

The End

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