The Telltale MuffinMature

"I already ate one of my muffins and my fruit and vegetables," Idina called to my mom, who was getting lunch ready. She bounced around her chair, always moving.

My mind was a thousand miles away. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking about - probably school or writing or something - but it wasn't Idina's words. I only recalled what she'd said later.

We all sat down at the table. That was the thing about our family - we always ate lunch and dinner together, every day. With all the eating we did together, you'd think one of us would have noticed that Idina was always sneaking food off her plate. But we didn't, and we continued to eat in oblivion until that telltale muffin occurred.

We'd just "finished up" (our term for praying after we'd finished eating our meal), and I'd been shirking my duties of washing dishes by sitting down at the computer and checking Facebook. My sister, however, went to wash the dishes. It was then that my mom, who was clearing off the table (she never does that - it must have been God's hand that day) noticed a muffin hidden in Idina's chair.

I was still oblivious to the world, but it occurred to me that Idina had gone upstairs and my parents were talking in hushed tones. Moment later, my world as I knew it was shattered.

We'd discovered Idina's eating disorder.

I went up to bed and avoided the anorexia by hiding under the covers. I didn't come out for a long, long time.

The End

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