The dreamer

I was lost in my dreams when I heard my mum screaming.

"Shane! Get up or you'll miss the bus again."

'Ah!' I cried

"Get up son! You have a football match too today"

"Oh yeah mum! Thanks I totally forgot. I'll be on the table in ten"

"Thats my boy!"

Thats how my day starts with my mum trying her best to waking me up in time and with me drowsy she fools me daily by telling me that theres a match and I get fooled by it and later I recall that there is match daily.

After the shower, I went to the table and took my chair.

"Good morning Dad!"

"Morning Shane!"

"Rebecca! If you will cook at this rate I will get late for the shooting." Dad said to Mum

"Your Omelette is ready "

My dad is an actor and is yet to do a big movie but he has the potential to do one.

"Here you got honey" My mum says while passing my dad the try.

"I'll only take the juice" I said after seeing the condition of the Omelette. It was burned

"Alright Shane"

I took my juice and left the table.

I went to my room. My room was a big and it was full of things that I wanted and the ones that I didn't as I am their only child so I get all their love. I went to my cupboard and took my school bag and my ipod and than wen to the dining room.

"Have a nice day." My mum says while kissing me.

Dad was in his room getting ready to leave so I said loudly."Bye Dad."

"Bye son. Have a nice day"

"I will." I said and left.

As soon as I closed the door my bus arrived. I entered the bus and took the backseat as usual. I sit alone because I am not considered as a friendly person in the bus so I powered on my ipod and started listening. Looking out of the window looking up at the clouds and wondering if it will rain. It usually does in mid-December in Sydney and I don't really like rain.

"Hey!" A melodious voice of a girl who is sitting beside me. She was a cute brunette in a pink shirt and a blue jeans. 

'Hey!" I said

"I am Rachel, Rachel Watson"


The End

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