The Dream



So you admit defeat

You throw your hands up in the air

Slap them to your sides

Say something like impossible

Turn away

Act like it’s not written on my face

Like I haven’t hinted a million times before




I’m asking you to give it a try

I’m asking for your time, your energy

I’m asking you to love me

Please say, you can you will

I’m asking you to want me

To show me...

I’m asking you to share the dream

Can you share my dream

I,m asking you to share the dream



So you want to know my secerts

No you want to know my motives

Why am I so nice to you

I offer my help freely

It’s all I have

Love and tender care

All I have to give you

But I never proclaimed it

Maybe it shouldn’t have been so hush hush

But what would you have said

I didn't want to know




Well, there’s your clarity

Now what do you have to offer me

Love sweet love

More then I can imagine

And I always, always imagine more then I should

Give me something real

Something I can touch

Something that gives, flight

Light as air

Floating there

The End

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