The Dog Song

The song about dog a.k.a me. Sometimes you need to look at yourself and laugh :P

There was once a dog
He was a bulldog
And this is the prologue
For this song about the dog

His name was Dave
He didn't know how to behave
And he's Trish favourite slave
Some people said he needs a shave
But he will be brave
He shall continue looking lame

He loves playing basketball
Running after every ball
Knowing his luck he will get pushed into a wall*
He is pretty tall
And his coach name is Paul**

I message Trish
I wave my tail
And so far my tale
For today is writing this song
Which is probably boring and now too long
Thanks for reading along
But this is the end of this song

*I actually did get pushed on the wall during basketball match once
**What a lucky rhyme! My basketball coach is actually called Paul. This song was meant to be.

The End

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