The DisturbanceMature

This is a short story I had to write as an assignment and decided to put it up on here! Hope you enjoy!

What was going on? Bell sat against the back of the closet, wondering. She remembered her father’s actions from earlier that night…

“Hm? What? What’s going on, Dad?” Bell asked, curious why her dad was acting so strangely.

“You need to get up now, sweety.” He demanded.

“Wait, what about Mommy and David? Where are they?” As she finished saying that there was a loud thump that came from downstairs.

“They’re already here,” her father murmured to himself, “Follow me.” He whispered urgently. She followed him across the room into the closet. Before closing the door he gave a few instructions, “If someone doesn’t come for you by morning, I want you to crack the door open to see if there is anyone in your room. If there isn’t, climb out onto your mom’s and my balcony. From there, drop into the street and call for help!” 

Another noise from down the hall interrupted him. He glanced at the door for a second before shifting his gaze back to his daughter. “I love you so much.” He kissed her on the cheek and closed the closet door…

Bell couldn’t figure it out. She had a normal family that was a bit poorer than most. She got average grades in school and her parents were loved each other more than life. There was nothing strange or different about them. So why was this happening? What made her dad so nervous? 

Bell was in the process of mulling it all over when she heard, yet another noise. This one came from inside her room. There was familiar crash of the door being slammed against the wall. Bell could hear the footsteps of someone with big boots on the floor. She pressed herself against the back of the closet, ready for anything. 

Soon enough, the closet door was flung open and light came flooding in from the doorway. Bell could only make out the hat of the man standing there, for she had hidden herself from any onlooker. Bell held her breath for what felt like an eternity, until the man gave up staring into the closet and slammed the door shut. 

Bell slouched on the wood that acted as the floor of the closet. As multiple questions raged through her mind, she tried to decide whether she could wait in the closet any longer. It didn’t take much for her to convince herself that it didn’t matter what kind of danger she was putting herself in, her family might have been dying in another room, while she just sat there and did nothing. 

She did as her father advised and checked through the crack to see if anyone was still hiding out in her room. When she didn’t notice anyone she crept out of the door and into her room. Then, she tip toed across the floor, ready to react to anyone or anything that might jump out at her.

Sneaking through the doorway into the hallway, Bell attempted not to make any sounds that would alert someone to her presence. She apparently didn’t try hard enough for she had forgotten the loose tile outside her door. It made a cracking sound as she stepped on it. Cringing, she leapt back inside her room, prepared for anything. 1...2...3 minutes passed. Nothing happened. She sighed with relief and snuck through the door once more, careful to avoid that tile.

Stealing down the stairs silently, she arrived in the kitchen. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her mom and dad were both sprawled on the ground. Her father had been knocked on the side of the head with some sort of hard object and he was bleeding on that side. Yet, it was obvious he was still breathing. Her mom, on the other hand, looked like she was on the ground for no apparent reason. 

Bell wasted no time. She ran into the street yelling ‘help’ at the top of her lungs. No one was there. There was a confused look that ran across her face as she yelled again. Nothing.

“Cut!” someone yelled, “Where’s the stranger from the street? Someone get him! He’s supposed to be on!” yelled the director. When no one moved, he proclaimed, “Forget it! Let’s just take ten.”

The End

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