August 2nd, 2012Mature

The new Doctor Who series 7 trailer! The creepy baby weeping angel that blew out the matchstick in Rory’s hands really made me shiver. And the Master is returning huzzah!!! Or at least, the Doctor mentioned him. Dinosaurs on a spaceship, incredible graphics and the return of the Daleks – and of course, the wonderful River Song. I about cried when he was holding Amy and she looked dead. If they kill her I will be one unhappy fangirl for several months. I can’t really describe the epicness of that trailer. I cannot wait till the return of Doctor Who! I love how the Doctor was just standing there like a kid at Christmas, “Dinosaurs on a spaceship!” while Amy was rolling her eyes and dragging him away.

But is the Master returning? He’s my favorite bad guy, the Doctor’s Moriarty if you will.

And we get to see the dark side of the Doctor.

Well, I’ve got to dash I’ll catch up with you lot later – must go draw picture of the series 7 artwork with possibly dead Amy!!!

-Victoria Glass

The End

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