August 1st, 2012Mature

The month that I’ve been dreading has come at last. Soon, I’ll get my school schedule in the mail and by the end of this month I’ll be walking the halls once more. But not before I get a decent haircut to transform my hideous red haired mop.

It’ll probably be some time before this gets posted to my feed on Protagonize. My parents have been on my back about using their phones and such for the internet (long, complicated story which I will not explain here) so I’ve been cutting back from using them thus restricting my amount of time spent online. Which, I suppose, is a good thing? I need a break from the internet I guess. Meanwhile my sketches and doodles have begun to multiply and are all over my room, tacked to my bulletin board and spread all over the floor. I have to wade through a sea of books and papers just to get to my bed or the black armchair in the corner.

Emma, to my amazement, has friended me on Facebook again. She still isn’t responding to my texts, but I suppose Facebook friends is good enough for now.

I haven’t spoken to River in ages, not since the sleepover. I tried calling her today, but no one picked up the phone. I’m going to have to try again tomorrow before my dentist appointment.


So I watched the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. I was very disappointed that they included nothing about Doctor Who. Unfortunately I missed hearing the TARDIS during the Queen song because I was actually singing along. I watched a clip of it on YouTube however just so I could hear the TARDIS noise. Also, time is probably going to implode because the Tenth Doctor didn’t light the torch. Oh well, we all knew the world was going to end in 2012 anyway. Just kidding, just kidding.


My Assassin hood actually wasn’t messed up, I’d put it on backwards by accident. I still want a cape to go with it though. Because capes are cool. Hmm. That one woman from the Incredibles doesn’t agree with me. No capes!

I’m going to start on my next sewing project which will be a pleated retro skirt with some sort of funky print. Or maybe just a colorful plaid. I’ll be rockin’ it to school with my knee-high rainbow socks and sparkly low top converse. Oh yes!

I dress strangely not because I want attention, but because I want to be unique, an individual. I want to express who I am – completely and utterly insane – through the clothes I wear. Last year, a senior named Hannah stood out in such a way. I really looked up to her. (And I really hope she’s not reading this. That would be embarrassing beyond belief.) It’s only natural that I’d sort of like to follow in her footsteps and dress the way I want to even if I’m made fun of.

I guess it’s kind of a rebellious thing, but I’ve always been that way. It’s my way of saying to society, ‘You’re not the boss of me!’ Everyone already thinks I’m insane, so it doesn’t really matter what I do anymore. I can act as crazy as I want and their opinion of me will not waver.



I’m still somewhat obsessed now with Wholock. In a fanvideo I watched there was this great song called ‘Undone’ by FFH. It’s now my favorite song. I believe I’ve listened to it about eight times today.

Come undone

Surrender is stronger

I don’t need to be the hero tonight

We all want love

We all want love

Nobody wants to pay the asking price


-Victoria Glass


The End

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