July the 29th, 2012Mature

The past few days have been, for the most part, uneventful. I had to redo my Assassin hood – my mother caught me walking around the house with it on and claimed I looked like a duck. Looking back at the pictures I took I realize that I did indeed look like a duck. Now that the front is redone, the back is now too short. I’m going to make a cap and neck piece to go with and even out the length. Recently I have discovered Sherlock (rediscovered actually) and fanfictions. I have been indulging myself in Sherlock/John ones. (Not going to explain – those who know about fanfiction will understand haha) A guilty pleasure of mine, I’ll admit. I recently read one involving Doctor Who – Wholock they call it. I loved it to pieces. Is this all I’ve become now? Holing myself up in my room for hours on end reading fanfictions and watching TV shows on my laptop? Sad really, once you start to think about it. I have no life! I recently acquired a t-shirt that shows a little tomato looking at a bottle of ketchup. A speech bubble above it reads, “Mom, Dad?” Its adorable.


I just read what I just wrote. A bunch of useless drabble. Hopefully this fog of stupidity that’s drifted over me will clear. Must watch more Doctor Who and Sherlock.



- Victoria Glass

The End

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