July the 14th, 2012Mature


The power blinked three times today. I held my breath every time it went out, praying it didn’t go off permanently. JJ Abram’s new series trailers are putting me on edge. I’m about ready to burst out of the house wielding a flashlight and cry ‘Revolution!’ I can’t wait till that show – it’ll put me out of my misery of watching old Fringe episodes over and over again. Speaking of old episodes, in celebration of my soon-to-be-built TARDIS, I’ve started watching old Who episodes of the seventh Doctor’s era. I loved the Kang of Paradise Towers. Personally, the Red Kang were my favorite. Also the Chimera of ‘Delta and the Bannerman’ were such interesting creatures. The green baby put me off a bit, but after she ‘grew up’ I began to grow rather fond of her. It was so sad when Pex died in Paradise Towers! I couldn’t help but notice the connection between NuWho and Old Who with the graffiti on the TARDIS. Pex Lives eh? Is he really alive? If so, how?

I’ve taken up drawing again due to my severe boredom. So far I’ve sketched Desmond and Lucy from Assassin’s Creed, Amy and the Doctor (11), and the graffiti from Paradise Towers that said ‘Pex Lives’. I attempted to draw his tattoo but my version of it looks rubbish.

There’s a heap of books strewn all over my floor and my desk looks like a minefield. I’m ready for summer to be over. I can’t stand the loneliness that has gathered in the absence of my friends. I hate to say it, but I almost miss Austin. Not him personally, but the fact he filled the void of loneliness for the summer. I’m dreading the first day of school when I have to see him again. I know he’ll attempt to talk to me and there will be no where to run in our itty bitty school. I’ll have to hide behind River and hope for the best. Maybe I can convince Danny and Brandon to beat him up or something. They’re always looking for an excuse to get into trouble. And Emma, what am I going to do about her? Surely she’ll be cross with me and start arguing and yelling at me.

For now I immerse myself in my loves and interests and hope for better days. My dreams have been riddled with awful scenarios involving Emma and Austin, both extremely mad at me. The only light in the darkness will be seeing River again. I’ve only called her once since the power came back on after the almost-a-week-long blackout.

Along with constructing my own TARDIS, I’m going to try my hand at sewing myself an Assassin hood. I’ve stolen the right amount of fabric from my mother’s long abandon supplies and hopefully after a week or so when she’s out of the house I can begin. I’m not going to wear it anywhere outside of my room or anything. I just want to be able to say that I have one that I made myself. Maybe if Papa and I ever make it to Comic Con, I’ll wear it there. I’ve been daydreaming about going as a Red Kang however. Whatever I decide, it’ll be amazing. If I go that is – I have high hopes! It would be expensive but definitely worth it to travel to Geek Mecca. Oh I can see it now…. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, whoever’s currently playing Spider Man (I can’t remember his name, oh well!), and all the other great people that have populated my childhood dreams. It’s on the top of my list of convention-thingy-s to go to - right up there with the Vans Warped Tour.

I’m really tired so I’m going to cut my entry short and call it a night.



- Victoria Glass


The End

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