July the 11th, 2012Mature

You know how my brain was melting yesterday? Well today it’s going to explode.

I got a letter today from the World Poetry Movement. Out of thousands – possibly millions – of submissions, my poem was chosen for the semifinals of the contest. It’s a shortened version of “Porcelain Heart”, not my best work but not my worst either. I would have preferred something like “Curse the Name” to win but I could only submit one poem. I’ll have to wait for the next ‘Stars in Our Hearts’ contest and submit a different poem. I don’t really care though, my poem is being published!! Unfortunately it’s not going to be under my pen name, but under my real name. I can’t release my real name here, nor do I have any desire to, but if you somehow get the book and see Porcelain Heart in there then - congratulations internet stalker! You now know my real name. I’m sure I’ll find you under my bed tonight armed with a chainsaw.

Unfortunately I don’t have the money to own the book in which my work will be published, but I’ll try to find a free e-book copy of it somewhere on the internet to download just so I can make sure I wasn’t scammed and that my poem will actually be in there.

I’m still beating myself up about how terrible a poem it is compared to some of my newer works. I don’t want to be known for those few shabby lines. I want people to read what I’ve written and think ‘Wow that was really incredible’. However they won’t because it’s not incredible and I didn’t use my penname so they won’t research me and find me on Protagonize.

Cruel fate, why do you continue to trick me?
I could have an aware too for all of this, some kind of trophy, but they make you pay for it so I can’t have that either. The whole world seems to revolve around money nowadays. It’s just not fair I tell you!

Alright, I’m going to move on to happier topic.

Papa has confirmed that after he returns from his business trip, we’ll go somewhere to price materials to build my police box bus stop. That reminds me, I have to mention to him that MDF isn’t going to work because it absorbs water like a sponge. Plywood will work much better.

Also the dimensions I had written down are a bit off, the box is much taller than I had previously anticipated. We still have to shrink it down a bit for cost reasons. It’s going to be far too expensive to build a nine foot tall plywood and timber box. I believe by combining the original designs for the TARDIS with the 2005 plans, shrink it all by a couple of feet, it should work for my intents and purposes. To the trained eye it’ll look a bit funny, but here in the middle of nowhere, the occasional truck driver (untrained eyes) that passes by our house won’t notice a thing.

I’m afraid I have to end my diary entry here.



-Victoria Glass

The End

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