July the 10th, 2012Mature

So bored…

My brain - it’s melting.

I finished my Assassins Creed game, lost interest in my eighth Doctor books, and now I have nothing to do….

My dad I have decided to start a project sometime soon. We are going to construct a TARDIS bus stop for me. It’ll be difficult but I think we can manage it. The first step will be to price all the supplies and find an appropriate blue paint color. According to the internet, source of all knowledge, the best shade is ‘Oxford Blue’. I can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to build a police box, now I’ll finally have my chance. I can already see the looks on my fellow bus riders faces when they see me step out of the police box, lock the door, and get on the bus with my Monster Energy backpack and brand new school clothes. That reminds me, I still have to go shopping for school clothes. I’m hoping to be able to by the end of the summer. My plan is to invite River along with me to go shopping at the mall and at our local Wal-Mart - not to mention Goodwill. Hopefully by then her mother will end her sentence of house arrest and let her out to go shopping. Knowing my luck, that’ll probably never happen.

Emma is still ignoring me, and its making me rather depressed. Danny hasn’t texted me in a while and I haven’t texted him, so we aren’t communicating either. I feel cut off from my family. My friends are my family as much as Mama and Papa are my family. My dog is also a part of my family. Yes Sophie, I’m talking about you. Eww, no kissy!

I hope that Papa is completely serious about building the police box. I’ll have to remind him after he gets back from his business trip that we have to price the supplies. Oh no! I forgot to tell River! I just finished talking to her on the phone, the only other girl in my school as obsessed with Doctor Who as I am (Okay, not quite as obsessed, but pretty close) and I didn’t tell her I might be building a police box! *slams head into keyboard*


Alas, I am an idiot. But what else is new?
The hardest part of constructing my police box will be to find a lamp of some sort for the top. I’m thinking of perusing the garden section of Wal-Mart and finding a solar sidewalk lamp that will work for my purposes. That way I don’t have to worry about electric running to that part of it. I don’t really mind if the Police Public Call Box signs don’t glow. I just need the top lamp so I can find where my TARDIS is in the darkness of morning when I walk down to the bottom of my driveway.

I’ll have to be able to peer out at least one of the windows so I can see the bus coming and exit the box before the bus driver drives off, thinking I’m not there. Perhaps she’ll pause long enough, looking at the strange blue box that’s ‘materialized’ at the bottom of my driveway.

Assassins Creed: is there a particular reason the ending is so creepy? I mean, it makes for a great plot line, but seeing all the blood everywhere in eagle vision was a little disturbing. At least there wasn’t a bloodstain on the floor where the previous prisoner committed suicide or something. Despite all this, it definitely made me want to play the second game to see what happens next.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m depressed. Ever since I broke up with Austin I’ve been feeling down. It probably didn’t help that one of my best friends, Emma, decided to get cross with me and stopped texting me because I broke up with him. I rely on her to be my confidant and now I feel like she’s abandon me. I lean on my friends so heavily. They don’t notice that they’re holding me up until I stumble and fall. Sometimes, even then, they don’t notice. It didn’t help that Austin was so insecure; he was leaning on me too. I fell and took Emma out with me as I fell.

All of this is my fault.
When I called River today, she was so preoccupied with her friend Katie and her baby nephew; she hardly even talked to me on the phone. It was more like I was just listening in on everything she was doing, an unwanted observer. Then she had to go because her mother said so and I hung up. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so alone. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to live under stress, miserable, and not be alone or to leave Austin and have all my friends abandon me like this. Every time I run the scenario through my head, I choose to walk the path alone.

In the end, the only one who walks beside you is God.




- Victoria Glass

The End

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