July the 3rd, 2012Mature

Things are looking a bit grim. They’ve tacked on another week to the time we’ll be without power. We’re expected to regain electricity by next weekend. The temperature continues to rise. According to the radio this morning, four deaths have been reported due to the heat because of the power outages. I live in hope that our power will come back on by this weekend along with the rest of Bearland County. Right now I’m fantasizing about this amazingly cute guy that was with his mother at the laundromat this morning. He had brown hair that was long, but not too long, with bangs that hung in his eyes. All you could see was his nose and his smile as he looked down at his phone while he texted. God he was so hot. Literally too judging by the fact everyone in the building had rivulets of sweat running down their faces. Luckily nobody smelled bad. Of course, I couldn’t really tell – I had my nose buried in an AVON catalog with scratch and sniff patches to try out their perfumes. I cursed myself for wearing my baggy Green Lantern tee shirt and not my tight fitting purple tank top with stars printed on it. I was drowning in the green tee shirt, despite the fact that I was wearing my jean shorts and flip flops. This heat is going to kill us all if the power doesn’t kick back on soon. I feel like I’m wearing woolen socks and gloves at the moment. The cat on my lap isn’t helping the effect. Gahh now she’s kneading my bare thighs. I don’t have the heart to kick her off me however. Oh good, she’s jumped down. Good Annie…go lick the dog or something. Oh great, I’ve got little prick marks in my skin where she was sitting. Thanks a lot, you feline you.

I made an ice drink today with some ice I crushed in a bag with a screwdriver and a packet of red Hawaiian punch mix. I added two strawberries on top and called it Strawberry Blood. It was very good except for the seeds in the strawberries. They got stuck in the tight areas my orthodontia.

According to the news, they’re blaming the weather on global warming. Apparently every year this is going to get increasingly worse until summer eventually never goes away.


America is going to become one great big desert in a hundred years or so.

I’m glad I won’t be around to see that. I want to live in a world where everything is green and growing, not sandy with harsh, hot weather. You’re probably thinking, ‘So you want your descendents to live in a world of sand? Wow, how kind of you’. Well, I’m not having children. The very thought of babies makes me cringe.

The phone line is back up. AT&T plugged a generator up to the box in Dulldale. Until it runs out of gas, we should be able to make emergency calls.

*Stares off into space, smiling like an idiot*

Sorry, thinking about that guy at the laundromat again. He was wearing a cut off tee. Around his neck were two dog-tags on a chain.

Now that I’m single again, I’m enjoying checking out random cute strangers again like I always used to. River would be so proud of me! That reminds me, if our phones are back up and running here then hers should be back up too. Like me, she lives on the outskirts of Dulldale. I’ll have to call her tomorrow to have a good long chat and discuss the stubbornness of Emma’s refusal to contact me. There’s no way in heck her phone isn’t charged. I saw on Facebook she’d commented on people’s stuff. An hour later I texted her and she never replied. She always uses her phone for Facebook.

If she’s going to be that way, then fine – I’ll never speak to her in person again. I’ll just pretend she doesn’t exist seeing as she’s doing that to me virtually. Paybacks. I don’t believe in turning the other cheek unless it’s a matter of life or death. To be friends or not to be friends – that is indeed the question currently on my mind.

Currently I’m sitting at my computer, sweltering in the heat, listening to my dog pant as her brain slowly overheats. I’m just waiting for her head to explode and her brains to splatter all over the wall. I’ll film it and post it on YouTube. Then I’ll go mourn the loss of my most loyal friend. When all others leave, your dog remains.

I just drank a whole glass of water and I’m still thirsty. I need a miracle.

Please God, just this once, could you make it snow in July?


- Victoria Glass

The End

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