Entry 2

Entry 2



It has been nearly a week since "Entry 1", and my mother has pressed me to write here again.

Since my first submission, we have busied ourselves with daily farm chores. Daisy, one of our cows, has given birth to a new calf and she has freshened with an abudancy of milk. She is the first of the three to have babies this spring, and Honey and Dewdrop will soon follow with their own. The calf, named 'Rosie', is one of the prettiest little cows I have ever seen. Her nose is painted with a big white smudge and she has a tendency to dig that frosty muzzle in areas she shouldn't!  

The plants are sprouting and the flowers are blooming. It seems as if more and more chicks hatch each day. Spring is the loviliest time of year, as well as one of the busiest. It will be summer before we know it, with the sweltering heat the season brings. 

Mother had me sewing tears and patching holes this afternoon, while she cooked the evening's supper, since the rain prevented much else from being done. I am still learning the art of needlework, and do not have the patience Mother has. I tried getting Luke to help, teaching him as much as I know myself, but he failed miserably, only worth the laughter of a good distration.   

And so, I say good-night for now. I found this entry unusually gratifying in a way, like talking to a friend, and may post tomorrow.  

The End

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