The Diary of Katrina Elliot

The diary of Katrina Elliot, a character of the story, "Masquerade".

Entry 1



My mother has handed me a challenge, in the form of this empty book. It is my own secret place (unless Jacob discovers it), where my thoughts can be vented, or, as Mother prefers to say,  my "penmenship can be improved". While I enjoy writing, I am not sure why my penmenship should concern her so much, out here on the farm.

I don't really know what I'll be recording here, with no secrets to share, no tale to tell. I find my life is quite like this journal - a blank page, an open book yet to be written. And I'm not sure what reader would find my scribbles of weather, of cleaning, of baking interesting. But then again, no one is reading this diary - other then Jacob, perhaps - and I have to admit talking to no one in particular in this way is sort of awkward.  

I suppose with all that said, dear Diary, I say: Here begins my life as you know it.





The End

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