Day One: Nothing goes smoothly

18th July 2009


The room spun as my head lifted from the pillow; I landed back down taking a few moderate seconds to let the spinning stop. The outside was still dark as I sat up, looking at the floor. Though usually brown, the street light from outside pushed a bar of orange across the floor which ended on the wall farthest away from me.

My phone lay on the desk, face down. I picked up the little, black Sony and stared at the display

4.30 AM

Obviously I hadn't got the sleep which I was hoping for. My head throbbed without fail until I eventually decided to place my head back to the pillow whilst gazing up at the cieling. Sleeping was a difficulty when I had so much on my mind. It didn't occur to me that my phone had a message until it's final vibration struck my hand, pulling me out of my concentration.

One new message.

I knew who it was from, though I wasn't too sure of what it would say. I rested my finger on the keys and opened the message, my eyes still slightly blurry. A message from Torie.

"I miss you sweetheart."

I didn't know what to think. I had no credit to reply, so I let the phone drop onto the bed-side table. My eyes wavered lightly until finally, the weight became too much, and they shut.

The End

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