Entry Six

I made a new friend today.  Her name is Louise and she's new to the village.  She says she used to live on the border with Handrin but her parents didn't think it was safe to be so close to the border so they moved to our village.

Louise says she didn't want to move and she didn't like it here.  But then she met me.

Mother had sent me to get bread from the baker because she'd forgotten to go first thing in the morning like she normally does.  I wasn't happy about it because I wanted to stay in but I had to go.

When I reached the bakery I saw Louise sitting outside a house nearby crying.  I wondered what was wrong so I went to ask her why she was crying.  She told me to go away and it was none of my business.  I thought she was being very rude when I was only trying to help so I walked off and got the bread for Mother.

When I came out again Louise was still sitting outside the house with her arms folded across her chest and her head facing the floor.  I told her that being upset never solves anything and you have to move on.  It's what Mother says to me all the time.

Louise said how could she be happy when she'd had to leave her home and come here.  I told her that it wasn't that bad here.  She didn't seem to agree with me.

I tried to be friendly, like Mother and Father had taught me to be, and asked the girl if she wanted to play with me.  She looked grumpy for a moment and then nodded.  I showed her the village and all the good places to play games and the best hiding places.

I got home late and Mother wasn't happy with me.  I'd lost the bread.

The End

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