Entry Four

I’ve been sent to my room.  Mother and Father are really angry today.  Sebastian got caught in the forest with his friends earlier.  One of the nosey old ladies in the village, Mrs Johnson, saw him disappearing towards the forest and told the warden. 

He brought Sebastian home over an hour ago and Mother and Father haven’t stopped yelling at Sebastian since.  They said that he was being reckless and stupid and did he know who could be hiding in the trees.

I don’t like it when Mother and Father shout.  It’s scary.  Especially when they shout at each other.  They wait until they think Sebastian and I are asleep and then they start shouting, but we can hear them.  When it’s bad Sebastian comes and hugs me and tells me it’s going to be alright.

I’m sort of happy that Sebastian was found out.  I don’t want him to get murdered or kidnapped by robbers.  And maybe now he’ll spend more time playing with me instead of going off with his friends.

It’s gone quiet downstairs now.  I wonder if that means they’ve stopped shouting at Sebastian and I can go down again.  It’s really hot in my room.  I’m going to see what’s going on.

The End

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