Entry Three

Father went away to town today.  He went to sell things from the farm at market day.  I really wanted to go with him, I begged Mother to let me go but she said I shouldn't be going off to town with Father.  She said I was too young.  I'm sick of being too young.  It seems no matter how old I get I will always be too young for something.  Father would have let me go with him.

Instead I had to help Mother at home with the cleaning.  It was so boring.  I don't like it that girls have to do all the boring cleaning stuff and Sebastian and his friends get to run around outside all day.  One day I'm going to do what I want to do and not do any of the boring stuff.  I'm going to go to town on market day and go and have adventures in the forest just like the boys do.

I couldn't wait until Dad got home.  He always tells the best stories about the people in town on market day.  This time he told us about a magician who could make anything disappear and then reappear again and an old gypsy woman who was selling good luck charms.

I'm going to go with him to market day next month.  If Mother says I can't go I'll just hide in the back of Father's cart.  No one will be able to stop me once we get out of our village.  Won't Sebastian be jealous of me then.

The End

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