Entry Two

Sebastian went out to the forest again today.  I wanted to go with him but he said I couldn't, girls weren't allowed and I was too young.  I tried to follow him but he caught me before we got to the village and sent me back home.

I wanted to tell on him to Mother and Father but I knew what Sebastian would do to me if he found out I'd told on him so I kept quiet.  I don't know why Sebastian thinks he can get away with breaking the rules, it's not like he's anything special.  And why can't I join in?  Girls are just as good as boys and I'm nearly as old as Sebastian.  Just because he's two years older than me doesn't mean he knows everything.

I was angry at him when I got home so I went and shut myself away in our room.  I wasn't going to speak to him when he got back and was determined to be grumpy for the rest of the day.

But Father noticed I was grumpy so he took me out into the fields with him.  I like watching him work cutting the corn and putting it into little bundles as he goes along the field.  Father says I'm a really big help.

At lunchtime Mother brought us some bread and cheese and ham and we sat in the sun and ate it.  I really enjoyed it and when we'd finished I helped Father by tying the string around the bundles of corn while he held them.  I liked helping him.

Sebastian was at home when I returned with Father.  He looked cross, probably because I'd got to spend the day with Father and help him and Sebastian hadn't.  That'll teach him to go wandering off into the forest without me.

The End

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