The Diary of Alexandra Ford

A series of diary entries by Alexandra Ford set years before the opening of Masquerade

Today is my birthday.  I'm twelve years old.  My father gave me this book as a present so I can write everything down in it.  He says that one say when I have children I can show it to them and tell them all about what my life was like when I was little.  He also says it will help me with my handwriting so one day I'll be able to write as well as a lady.  I don't think anyone will want to read this in a hundred years time but I'd like to be able to write well.

Sebastian is laughing at me.  He thinks I'm wasting my time writing when I could be playing with him outside.  It's very sunny and hot today.

Sebastian is my older brother.  I like him sometimes, when he's not teasing me or making fun of me to his friends.  He has a few friends in the village who he goes to visit and they go play in the forest.  I'm not meant to know that because Mother would be angry if she knew but as this is private I can write it down here and she won't find out.

Mother is cooking me a special birthday meal tonight.  I went down to the market with her yesterday to get the ingredients.  She doesn't usually let me go with her because she says I cause too much trouble but I was on my best behaviour and did everything she told me.

Sebastian is moaning at me to come outside so I will have to leave this for now.

The End

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