Studio Hiding Horror

The photography studio looked as if the models and photographer had left in a mad rush. The smoke machines were still whirring away, turning the air hazy white, and there were stepped-on eyeshadows and lipsticks spilling colourful powders across the pale, polished wood floors. The walls were all shining and mirrored.

Selena walked further into the room, searching for a way to turn off the smoke-machines. When she eventually found the controls, she stood waiting for the air to clear a bit.

When the smoke had faded to the slightest mist, Selena walked forward, before seeing the most horrific sight she had ever witnessed;

                               In the centre of the room, a headless, blood-stained, grey-white, partially exoskeletal creature was writhing in what appeared to be agony. As it rolled over on its side; Selena saw a deep, festering wound on its back. Yellow-green pus, crimson blood and a pink-grey mucus-like substance were pouring from the wound, angry black-red sores and weeping scabs started to rise around it.

Selena screamed, before managing to control herself. Just when she had calmed down, another terrible sight took place.

Hundreds of small, purple spiders crawled from the deepening wound, crawling towards Selena, creeping up her legs and sticking themselves into her skin, their glinting silver fangs poisoning her. She was becoming an exact copy of the creature on the floor.

With one last anguished, agonised scream, her transformation was complete.

The End

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