Sara's Third Murder

Some of you may have read The Descriptives Of Angel, my collection of descriptive scenes. This is the higher-quality version, with different, hopefully better, scenes and descriptions.

Sara's white-blonde hair was matted with congealed blood, her face streaked with it, smears of black mascara slithering below her demented-looking, wide black- brown eyes. Her hands, with their black-painted, mud-caked nails, closed around the handle of a kitchen knife.

She climbed up the wooden stairs-steps, to where her mom was cleaning in the spare bedroom.

"Sara! Is that blood on your face?"

Her mom screamed, as Sara walked towards her, eyes wide and blank, knife held out.

"They said to kill you. They said you were evil. You're gonna die."

Sara said, voice monotonous, trance-like. Then she stuck the knife through her mom's ribcage, watching in silence as the blood stained the white carpet, the agonised writhing stopped.

Sara stepped back, and smiled, pleased with her work. Her teeth were red with blood.

The End

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