The Crime-SceneMature

The scene of the crime was a huge wooden barn. Patches of congealed and drying blood gathered on the ground and strips of rotting flesh were nailed to the wooden walls. Fraying rope nooses with limp, decaying corpses,  splinters of bones poking through their skin like threads of wire, hanging from them dangled from the ceiling. Limbs and skulls were heaped in the corner. It was obvious that many people had been killed.

Then a previously unnoticed door opened. What had perhaps once been a human girl stepped out, her eyes lidless, glowing yellow, her skin a mess of bruises and scars, a few fingers from each hand missing and patches of her black hair was pulled out, revealing her scabbed, bleeding scalp. Her lips were circled by smears of blood.

"You're going to die slowly, painfully!"

She hisssed, needle-like fangs bared.

The End

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