Chapter Sixteen: The EdgeMature

Carola was standing on a ledge, a ledge of a cliff that was white and looked as if it had been made out of chalk. Her tangled, black, white, red, pale-pink and purple streaked hair was whipping her face violently in the wind, scarring her cheeks a garish scarlet for a fleeting few seconds at a time, before they faded back to deathly white. The black-knee-lenght dress she was wearing had white dust on the hem from her climb up the cliffs, and her red-painted toenails showed where her sheer black tights had become tattered. She wore no shoes.

She leant forward, she could hear shouts in the cold air, the voice of her boyfriend. Tears dripped from her deep brown eyes. She loved him but she couldn't stand life anymore.

He was coming towards her quickly. She had to get this over with.

Carola jumped.

She fell towards the water, unflinching as it swallowed her.

The End

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