Chapter Fourteen: Hallway Of SadistsMature

The hallway was long and seemingly infinitely wide. A black marble fountain trickled in the centre. The entire hallway was polished black marble, floor, walls and ceiling all made of that same material. The palest, most skeletal girl you could ever imagine, lay a few metres away from the fountain. She seemed circus-like, clad in a skimpy black and silver patterned corset-looking outfit, with crystal beads sewn all over the silver lace-up bodice.

A small mousehole-looking gap appeared in the black marble wall. Ten silver beetles, that looked as if they were made of metal and studded with purple, red, black and green jewels crawled out. They were bigger than most scarab-beetles, the size of mice. They were soon all over the girl, nipping at her skin so that she was all over in tiny, bruising cuts, bleeding.

A silver balcony had appeared near the high black marble roof. A small crowd of pale, skeletal men and women, wearing jewels and luxurious silver fur outfits had assembled, and were watching the beetles at work, savouring the moans of agony, a bloodthirsty look in their glowing, black eyes...

The End

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