Chapter Twelve: The Book-AngelMature

The private library was small and cosy. A huge, open fire blazed at one side, lighting the room with a soft, amber glow. Little lanterns hung from heated stone walls, bookshelves and stacks of books were everywhere. The furniture was a large, deep-black-purple velvet sofa and matching armchairs, and big black and purple velvet cushions scattered on the silver-grey carpet.

The Angel Of Books lay near the biggest bookshelf, a book bound in dark-brown leather next to her, her blue-grey eyes wide as she read, intrigiued. Her hair was red-brown and wavy, waist lenght, she was clad in a silver-grey dress, backless, so that her white-silver wings, which were dotted with black and coloured tattoo-looking patterns, spread behind her shoulders. Her nails were painted in an alternating pattern of black and silver, her eyeshadow and eyeliner was sparkling black, silver and turquoise. A thick silver and sapphire bracelet-looking piece of jewellery was fastened around each wrist and ankle. She had several tattoos and a sapphire nose-piercing.

The End

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