Chapter Eight: All Hope Is LostMature

The girl fell to her knees on the grey threadbare carpet in front of the smouldering, almost-dead fire. She sobbed, her fair, fair, almost white-blonde, sticking to her pale face from the tears.

The living room was painted pale primrose, depressing with the grey carpet, as if the rain had washed away the colour and happiness. Tossing her skeletal body onto the pale cream velvety sofa, she cried, body shaking with tears, for what seemed like hours.

"I can't take it.

She stared at the framed photograph, the glass slightly cracked, with huge grey-green eyes.

"Damn it all."

She muttered, picking up one of the shards of glass from the carpet, hacking at her pale wrists until the room was brightened by new crimson...

The End

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