Chapter Three: AsylumMature

The room was white. White tiled floors and walls, making it impossible to tell where the wall ended and the floor began. White, fluorescent lights glared down so brightly that they were blinding. Terri's eyes and head ached just looking at their reflection on every shiny white tile.

The 'room' was tiny as well, windowless and too hot, it would drive anyone insane in minutes.

Terri's state of mental well-being was rapidly decreasing. She would slam her small, thin body from wall to wall, hoping to either break them down or kill herself. Small bruises on her head were hidden by her dyed, purple, orange and white streaked hair, but the toothmarks on her wrists stood out among the old, pink-red and glossy healed-over scars. There was a demented look in her huge, pale-blue eyes.

The End

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