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Classy has just become Classier:  Thank you, GAP!!!!!!!!! (Accepted!)


If you're anything like this reporter, you'll be excited to learn that Gap Maternity clothes have taken on a brand new image worldwide.  Coinciding with Baby Gap's new international slogan, "A Happy Gapper is a Happy Napper", Gap Maternity clothes have now entered the niche market of being available for women only. 

Women are now given the option of going directly from Gap Maternity Clothes into Baby Gap, where they can spend as long as they want visualizing rows upon rows of infants dressed in pastel colours stamped with Warholian stencil “GAP” logos. 

Further enticing modern women to purchase Gap Maternity Clothes is the launch of the GAP’s new contest, called GAP Baby Bingo, where by donating a dollar to their local charity, women can indulge in their local labourthon.  GAP has always been proponents of supporting local children worldwide, and by offering the opportunity for women to give birth within the sleek, ye comfortable furnishings of a BABY Gap locale, GAP stands to earn a few sales of “onesies!”  And what woman smartly dressed in Gap Maternity Clothes would not want to take up their offer?  The lucky woman who marks her labor on her chosen BINGO square  should win a $25.00 gift card.

Designers Lucio Manson and Frita Urgenburger have worked hard to make this year’s collection of maternity wear for GAP women both fresh and fanciful.  Complete with easy fasten accessories like buttons or zippers, the GAP is saying, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” before baby is even born. 

This years colours, including “Wild Watermelon”, “Outrageous Orange” and “Magic Mint” are sure to make the design team at Crayola Crayons raise their eyebrows a few times!  Gone are the days when GAP Maternity Clothes looked like nothing more than a burka with beads.  Now GAP women can appreciate the feeling of sunshine on their cheeks without a second glance from a wandering eye.  Without providing too much of a spoiler, 2012’s line comes equipped with a built in leash and watering can.  For women worldwide, classiness just got a little classier and we can thank GAP and their maternity clothes for making the difference.

The End

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