The DC-10 $3.20 review and other "get what you pay fors"

Sometimes people make ridiculous offers and get junk.

The assignment:

Write a review for any Canon camera.

Write in a factual tone 

The Canon DC-10 (article approved!)


As the chief resident photographer of children within my parish, I have probably snapped pictures with more cameras than a bear has teeth. And a bear has a LOT of teeth!

So, of course when Canon invited me to try their newest prototype, insisting that it was waterproof and freezer proof, I was a little skeptical. And let me tell you, I have never been more surprised. The Canon DC-10 one shot disposable camera not only delivers as promised, but for it's compact 9" by 14" inch size packs more features than most of its competitors. Despite its sturdy cast iron casing, making it nearly invulnerable, the 2D/3D models make it worth twice the suggested retail price of $24,372.00.

What I found most intriguing about the DC10 is that it didn't have a viewscreen or any way to aim the camera, which is styled as a simple black box. When I e-mailed Canon's public relation people about this, their simple response was, "You don't need it."

And boy were they right! However, the brochure does suggest, despite the lack of a viewscreen, there is an option to connect the camera to a desktop computer for those who like to "see what they snap!".  I found this option does sacrifice some portability.

The tests:

If you know me, you know I took the DC10 through some rigorous testing. To test its claim of being "freezerproof", I started out with a small apartment sized freezer and worked my way up to a full size industrial unit. While it seemed to withstand the apartment sized freezer, unfortunately, despite Canon's claims, the DC10's casing could not withstand the weight of an industrial sized freezer dropped from my neighbour  Marty's two car garage. However, this should not dissuade any novice photographers from exploring the DC10's other features.

Canon's claims that the DC10 is waterproof, in this industry is a dime a dozen. I did not question that it would be, as waterproof to a camera as like boy scouts to a Bishop. My question was, and always is, "Can this camera withstand humidity?"

So, I had to see how it withstood the sauna at the local bathhouse. Bruce, Dale and I posed for some wonderful pictures and the DC10 didn't show any signs of the sweat we did. The DC10 not only withstood the humidity but also a liquid storm of splash fights in the pool before three men were men gushing for it. A BIG checkmark for waterproof.


-capable of taking shots of 2D images as well as 3D models from any angle.
-Can record endless video when accompanied with the DC10's 'camcorder' accessory
-can be insured
--built in lithium battery (9 hours charge)


--battery cannot be recharged or replaced and emits a foul odour
--Women in focus groups have complained of "being scared of it"
--Canon's original marketing promo of having "one in four boxes contain nothing" was panned by early reviewers

The Canon DC10 is perfect for the reckless amongst us. Mean spirited people as well as anyone who uses a porthole for a window will fall in love with all it has to offer. For me? I give it four squirts out of five.

The End

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